Our practise is in existance since 1998 and is registered with theSouth African Insitute of Business Accountants (SAIBA) as well as the Institute of Tax Pracitioners (SAIT) as master tax practitioner. We specialise in accounting and tax services to small and medium enterprises. Full function accounting, tax and payroll services are rendered to our clients. We have extensive accounting and bookkeeping experience in retail, construction, restaurants, and engineering. All our accounting work are done monthly and we send management reports to our clients on a monthly basis. We also render additional services such as CIPC annual returns, workman’s compensation reports, income tax and personal tax returns etc. (see our services section for more information). We have an open door policy with our clients and do not charge clients for every visit to our office. Additional fees will only be charged as indicated on our fee structure (see documents & memos) and fees will always be negotiated and discussed with clients before we invoice a service. We have a staff compliment of one registered accountant and five qualified bookkeeping, and payroll staff. We do all our work from our office in Atalsville, Boskburg. Once a month we visit the offices of our clients to collect documents, discuss management statements and give financial advise.